1. Tre Lune (pictured)

I can always tell whether an Italian restaurant is good or not based on the bread brought to the table. Tre Lune presents not only bread and butter, but also a small tray with olives, a green petso sauce, and olive oil as flavorful dipping options. This popular, Kardashian-approved dining destination brings the taste of Italy to Montecito, with exquisite service and ambiance. Both times I’ve visited I ordered their notable truffle gnocchi dish.

2. Bettina

Another Montecito Italian dining destination is Bettina, a relaxed and enjoyable space for either lunch or dinner. Their Caesar salad is truly one of a kind and their pizzas are the best in town. I mean just look at that pepperoni!

3. Mizza

Mizza is one of the many State Street restaurants that have expanded their seating options to the outdoors and they did an exceptional job in doing so, incorporating high-top fireplace tables to attract State Street goers and also evoke that vibrant experience for their guests. Their Italian dishes and drinks are tasteful and compliment the overall vibe.

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